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Residential Users

Do it yourself (DIY) is a concept originated in the West in the 1960s, originally it referred not to be dependent on or hire a professional craftsman, using appropriate tools and materials to repair residential home by themselves. At the same time with saving money, they found that their DIY houses were more personalized. And also, they found more advantages of DIY, for example, decorating the house turned into a pleasure outside of work, not only reduced the pressure on work, but also learnt a new skill. Additionally, DIY can let people choose the best materials.
It’s similar in the baking industry, considering the increasing number of baking enthusiasts and singles with food security and health conscious, they are more willing to accept DIY. There are more and more sub-healthy people who have health conscious and economic independence. There are more and more residential users for DIY. Except for sub-healthy people, baking enthusiasts and singles are both main users for it.
The following residential users also need products and technology that the above-mentioned HQ provides. (Refer to “Products”, “Technology” and “Franchise” column)

1. DIY people
A. DIY enthusiasts and singles
B. Caking/Baking/Cooking enthusiasts and singles

2. Sub-healthy people
A. Sub-healthy white-colors and singles
B. People with health conscious and/or economic independence