Welcome to Medicinal Bakery and Cuisine


1. Headquarters
Guangdong Shuanghong Biological Products Co., Ltd.
Hotline: +86-13925862648
E-mail: shbiofood@163.com
QQ: 800169789
URL: www.shbiofood.com

Q&A: Products purchase, Chain and Franchise alliance, Distributor application, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Investment and Financing, Marketing cooperation

2. R&D Center

Dongguan Shuanghong Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-13925862648 
E-mail: shbiornd@163.com
QQ: 800169789
URL: www.shbiornd.com

Q&A: Technology transfer, Appliances and ingredients supply, R&D cooperation

3. Production Base

Foshan Zhenhong Biological Products Co., Ltd.
E-mail: 13609674411@163.com
URL: www.zhbiofood.com

Q&A: Co-production, OEM and ODM production